Starting in 2017, Warriors Tales has led the effort to record and catalogue the stories of our veterans. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to thank and revere those valiant men and women who have given so greatly and suffered beyond understanding for the cost of freedom.


Our Mission

To catalogue the oral histories of our combat veterans - to store these stories both online and in the Library of Congress. While these stories need to be archived, we also believe they need to be shared with the public, thus we make it a goal to share these videos with as many as we can in order to help foster a better understanding for what these brave individuals endured.

What We've Achieved

  • Began the accumulation of oral histories from combat veterans - concentrating on WWII vets due to their average age.

  • Submitted oral histories for archiving in Library of Congress

  • Established at relationship with SFCN Channel 17 Public TV to broadcast Warriors Tales and to provide distribution to other national public television stations


Gordon L Ewell in Iraq (2006).png

“Warriors Tales Media is one of the most important and unique charities I know, as well as one most dear to my heart. It has the potential to both educate and heal. The ability to heal both individuals and an entire nation.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I believe in his comment.

There are so many stories of unbelievable courage, selfless sacrifice, of somehow making things happen, and completing missions, by overcoming impossible odds, to save and protect people. America needs to know these great stories. The Library of Congress, and Warriors Tales Media, is trying to capture as many of these stories as possible before it is too late. Our WWII veterans are dying at the rate of 1,000 per day. The youngest of these special veterans would be 95 years old today.

Unfortunately, true history is not being taught in public schools to our children.  America helped stop the spread of communism, across the globe, because of the morals, values, skills and sheer determination of American fighting men and women. Our Korean War veterans stopped it again, and so did our Vietnam Veterans. The unstoppable will and determination of our precious veterans must be preserved! It alone is the strongest thread of any, that is currently holding the tapestry of Americana together!

The American populous today, especially our youth, need to hear these stories, as told first hand, by those who were there, on the battlefields, in the oceans and in the air, witnessing and participating in some of the most heroic events and stories that have ever happened.

The telling of these stories, can lift huge burdens off the shoulders of men and women, who have carried their untold stories in their hearts for decades. Collectively, they have the power to heal a nation! One that has forgotten how hard our freedoms and liberties have been fought for, that we are enjoying today.

Freedom is far from free! It is so important to capture these oral histories, least we forget; and allow the past to repeat itself, because of our ignorance to remember the sacrifices, of the brave and courageous men and women, of our American Armed Forces! Essayons (meaning “Let us try!”).”