Starting in 2017, Warriors Tales has led the effort to record and catalogue the stories of our veterans. We believe that we have a moral responsibility to thank and revere those valiant men and women who have given so greatly and suffered beyond understanding for the cost of freedom.


Our Mission

To catalogue the oral histories of our combat veterans - to store these stories both online and in the Library of Congress. While these stories need to be archived, we also believe they need to be shared with the public, thus we make it a goal to share these videos with as many as we can in order to help foster a better understanding for what these brave individuals endured.


What We've Achieved

  • Began the accumulation of oral histories from combat veterans -  concentrating on WWII vets due to their average age.
  • Submitted oral histories for archiving in Library of Congress
  • Established at relationship with SFCN Channel 17 Public TV to broadcast Warriors Tales and to provide distribution to other national public television stations